Poetry challenge: final 3- Food, Stars & Last


For thought

Like varying flavors of the world

Some sought

Like truffles or oils

Some bought

As lavish exploits

A spicy pepper or hot tamale

Can be referred to like a woman’s personality

A cold, smelly fish

A hard old hand

A juicy breast of meat

Reminds of a lovers heat

A crispy bite of apple

Refreshing and sweet

As a smile from the lady down the street

Food for thought

Food on the brain

Food to survive


Food can be to blame

By Sheri Hall




Align the sky as people racing by

Not stopping to stare at the bright red glare

The light from mans building blinding their beauty

But off in the woods

We find the twinkling lights as if fireflies dancing in the sky

Stars never sleep instead visit faraway places

Hidden behind clouds as the sun replaces

Shine brightly at night for all to delight

But some find no time to put down their plastic lights

Wonder of the world is a beautiful night sky

Goes sight unseen as our pace flees

No time in space

No real visions in the night

Continually blinded by mans light

By Sheri Hall








Piece to the puzzle

Problem willing to fix

Heart willing to break

Step having to take

Last time

Last chance

Last minute to dance

One last glance

Before we take that last breathe

Leave that last place

Savor the last thought

Of the last time in that space

By Sheri Hall



The final 3!

I cannot believe I have written 31 poems in 1 month! Thanks again for the challenge Ameeka.K

Thanks for reading,





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