Love, Dad

Fathers day….

A day to honor your dad; but what if you never met him or he`s died…. what if you never loved him because he abused you… what if, as in my case he has dementia and doesn’t remember much of the last decade…what if they live too far to see often… what if a father has had a child that died or struggled to become a father and hasnt… there are many men, that for them Fathers day is not a celebration, just like for many women Mothers day is not all roses.


Laura writes, “On my 8th fatherless Father’s Day, my dad found a way to send me a handwritten message from the grave”.

Read the full story By  here;

Love, Dad

From Dads, We see you by Kelly Gerken

What happens when a father can’t fix what’s broken? When he can’t protect his family from an agonizing goodbye as the  life of his child quietly slips away, leaving that man standing beside a tiny grave, holding his weeping wife up with his strong hands?What happens when his baby dies? What happens then?His dreams are gone in that moment. Forever changed. His wife, his love will never be the same.

Dads, We See You

I share the other side, but also wish a Happy Fathers day to my beautiful husband, my father and nonno. Without you I would not have learned to work hard, keep trying and stand tall.






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