How many kids do you have?

Little Winged Ones

Any parent who has lost a child knows how painful this seemingly benign question can be.

To most people doing the asking, it’s just a way to make small talk.  Just getting to know you a little bit more.  They have no idea about the internalized chain reaction of thoughts and decisions they set off by asking this.

Do I want to get into the whole story?

Do I just give the easy answer?

Am I going to upset this person?

Do they have time to hear?

Is it worth it?

In a split second (because, really, how silly does it seem if you look like you have to do some math before you answer that? Even if your last name is Duggar.) we calculate not the numbers, but the level of comfort we feel sharing the story of our little winged ones with this person.

In the days following…

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