Standard First Aid- A must for ALL

I spent last weekend doing a 16 hr SFA Course (the highest level of first aid) through the Canadian Lifesaving Society. It was very educational, as to what steps are needed to do in an emergency, how to help others in various situations.

A study done in2012  by the Red Cross states that not enough people are trained in first aid and in the event of an emergency, 2 out of 3 people would not know what to do.,-suggests-new-poll

I took my 1rst first aid course- it was emergency 1rst aid + Child & infant CPR, in 2010 when my first child was in preschool, a year and a bit later I used it on my 3rd child who had stopped breathing. I have volunteered in preschools and elementary with the confidence that I can help.

I worked this past year at the Langley Forest School not realizing or acknowledging that my first aid had expired, but that in itself is reckless. This SFA course taught not only CPR and how to use a AED but also basic bandaging, slings and wraps, as well as, what to do for shock or choking, burns and heat stroke/exhaustion.

With what is going on around the world today we need as many helpers as we can get. Every second matters when someone has lost consciousness or has stopped breathing, the faster someone initiates EMS and starts CPR is crucial in not only saving a life but preventing  further brain damage.

The hardest part of this course was performing CPR on a baby dummy, I fought back tears those few hours we worked on them. The painful thought only  blink away in my not so distant memory. However, had I not performed CPR on my angel, we would have lost her, in that moment, on my living room floor, not a week later in hospital due to other unknown factors.

I would encourage as many people as possible, not only ones that must for a job to get certified. I told my kids when they are old enough they will all have to take the course.

I have copied some useful links below.

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It is ok to be sad


I feel you rolling your eyes, as I hit post. Another grief post you think! Your pain is no longer because it wasn’t your child you lost, it was mine, so you did feel sad for a bit after, you don’t understand how or why I am still grieving or posting sad stuff about grief. I get it its not your loss, you don’t feel it every day like I do and you don’t want to remember it  as much as I do. You might think I am bitter or want sympathy, I don’t. Just know that my heart hurts when I glance at the spot on the floor where she stopped breathing, that I have trouble thinking of moving because this is where she lived for 2 short weeks. Every time I hear a story of tragedy or a life lost I cry for her. Am I stuck? no I am human. I am a mother that gave birth to a beautiful baby that struggled to live, to breathe, that spent 5 weeks in the NICU, not sleeping, not feeling and slowly breaking. That was almost four years ago I know, you think I must have moved past this pain, I have another little girl right. She is my savior, yes. but also my daily reminder of my first little girl that is not here. Would they be best friends? or Would they fight a lot?  I wonder. And yes that too makes me sad. Immediate grief after a tragedy is overwhelming, its consuming and then time takes it away, little by little the intense memories fade and it is easier to ‘pretend’ life is what it is.

Today is October 15th- International Awareness of Stillbirth, miscarriage and infant loss

A day that makes me sad but grateful to have met and to be a part of a community of women, amazing women, that too have suffered a loss, something that is not openly spoken about but should be, something that people are uncomfortable to bring up, leaving the person(s) that suffered the loss alone. Why are we told not to share a pregnancy until 3 months? in case you lose the baby right, we don’t need to upset people like that! but then we suffer alone with our loss. Not right. After I lost my daughter, after she was born at full term, after she was given a birth certificate because she lived past 21 days (the time the government thinks your baby needs to live to be considered a human!) even though we all know as soon as we see that pink or blue line we have a child in our life, whether they live past 21 days or not, to be deemed a person! Different issue, I move on. The stigma that surrounds uncomfortable feelings needs to stop. People need compassion not shame. I don’t know how to change the world into thinking its ok to be sad, we do not need to ‘pretend’ to be happy all the time. As Buddha says ‘Life is suffering’ I believe we have pockets of happy moments or happy feelings but if you truly look at the world and live true, you see that it is about surviving, surviving tragedy around us, surviving, genocide, rape, famine , disease, homelessness, joblessness, then death. Acknowledging life’s struggles does not make us ‘negative’ it makes us real and if you let yourself feel the sad you will better be able to appreciate the happy.

After I lost my daughter, so many women came up to me and told me about their losses, a women lost her son when he was 21, another suffered multiple miscarriages’ but never told anyone, so many stories, so many women that suffered alone because society made them feel like they had to hide their shame because it wasn’t ‘happy news’ I call bollocks! I will continue to share my grief and encourage others to share because we are here for such a short time, all we have is each other. To help, to love, to pick each other up and hug.


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Hoping for Milk

I think most of us grieving mother(&fathers) can relate to the hope you have when your child is born with a challenge, many of us desperately hope ours will be that miracle baby that survives and beats it. I think it is great that this family(in original post below for ) is going to participate in the Race for Hope in DC

We all need to do our part.

I am running for team Still life Canada

In the Vancouver Sun run for the 1rst time this year. Please support me here.
Please Support BC Children´s Hospital Foundation

Last year I did the BCCH Child RUN to fight childhood cancer…

I wish everyone would/could support these causes or any cause (because helping others is what life is about) without having to experience one first….

A Mourning Mom

Some days it is harder than others to find hope.

After Jake was born at 26 weeks with hydrops, I hoped he would be among the 30% of babies who survive these enormous obstacles.  There was no miracle.

The horrible night we brought Sawyer to the emergency room, I hoped for the miracle that it would all be an awful mistake.  There was no miracle.

I hoped for a miracle that would cure the cancer that Evan’s mom had or at least give her back the life she had. There was no miracle.

On Friday a close family friend lost his valiant battle with brain cancer.  In case I have not mentioned it before I hate cancer!!  His family along with all of us who loved him hoped he would win this battle.  He did not.

When there is no more hope for our loved…

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Free yourself from stress and help others at Christmas instead

Christmas should be joyous, an incredible and happy time; together with family, friends alike, especially for kids it can be a very special time of year.

But unfortunately the reality is that for most it is a stressful time. Those missing a loved one, those that experienced a hard year or lived through tragedy. Kids can feel stressed about what they may or may not get, or if their parents are not together who to be with. Parents often stress about what they can and cannot afford, is it enough. And for those who do not live with the luxurious standards of  most North American societies, it is just another day without food, or toys or maybe without their family.

I often feel disgusted with our North American “Christmas”.  There are plenty of poor here in N. America that struggle through the holidays though, the jobless man that freezes out in the cold every night. Or the mental health issues that have affected many  from living a joyous life. Those struggling with addiction or survive on very little day to day. My heart aches for these people and the struggles they endure daily, I feel very lucky to have what I have to share it with my kids and those around me.

I watched a father rush his kids into Walmart during a school day he ushered the boy who was in shorts (in -1c) to try on a flannel shirt, for warmth I asssumed, the girl looked like she could use a shower. My heart broke at the assumptions that were going on in my head.  I watched them awhile.  He looked like a hard working blue collared  dad, doing  the best he could. I wanted to help them but didn’t want my assumption to insult or hurt more. I reluctantly went on my way trying to think good thoughts for them, they had each other,  the girl had a warmish looking albeit dirty pink coat on, they all had shoes and socks. I prayed for them to receive some good fortune. Their picture will always stay with me. I wish I was braver to have asked them if they needed anything or maybe had just smiled and said hello.

A lot of people are surprised when they ask me if I have done all my shopping for the holidays and I always answer yes- the follow up questions tend to be what did you get or wow- how? and my answer is easy I simply do not do it. My kids get things they need that I buy on sale through out the year, books, socks, pajamas. They do get a gift from Santa (1) and a toy or something special from mom and dad. But I really do not see the point in spoiling them with stuff, more things they don’t really need, that will end up in the trash. But what about your family? your in-laws? your brothers or uncles? sister in laws and nephews? I don’t buy gifts, granted we have a split into four families, no one closer than 3 hours away so we tend to not see each other at Christmas. But how do you give nothing? – I say its easy most people know how I feel about waste, recycling, the environment, and especially all the unnecessary junk that gets handed out at Christmas-( if people cut their useless gift giving in half and donated the rest to a worthy cause the world could be a better place and less waste). If people come to visit, I give homemade cookies and a card.

I always send Christmas cards with family photos or drawings the kids make, some times a little ornament or picture frame holding the photo or I donate in their names online and they usually get something telling them what their gift is for or how it helps.

In my heart I am doing what I believe to be the right thing. I do not want support the commercialization and wastefulness that has become the holiday of Christmas- which is also why I ask people not to bring gifts when they come to our house, we do not need them- there is someone out that that could use it more.

But giving gifts feels good- we say…. well giving money to a homeless shelter feels better, giving money to support a cause that I believe in and are important in helping those in need, feels better. I choose to help wildlife and raise awareness for the environment. Donate meals to the shelters that feed the homeless.

Please start something new give a card with a photo and donate.

Free yourself and help others.



Helping the homeless:



Helping Children:




Environment or wildlife or animal charities:





***This is not an attack on Christmas*** But what it has become in this country.Christmas should be about spending time together not opening presents together its about laughing, crying, hugging, sharing ourselves with each other…..and maybe a little eggnog 😉                                                                                                          


Merry Christmas. Happy holidays. Happy Hanukah. Happy Kwanza.

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