Capture your Grief; Educate & Connection

Day 13* – Educate : A resources guide to bereavement help

*For this days topic I have decided to post links to educational resources for bereaved parents, back in 2012 when my daughter passed away I found very little in the way of help or sites to access, so I know someone will appreciate this list. I am amazed at how many sites there are today compared to 6.5 years ago. It gives me hope to know the stigma around death and grieving is fading.


Day 14 –  Connection

In those first raw moments of loss there is no feeling of connection, if anything there is a huge feeling of disconnect and betrayal from the world and all around you. That moment you feel a connection again with someone is incredibly meaningful because after death meaningless relationships become obsolete and unwanted. Though unfortunately we are fortunate to meet other bereaved parents and that is typically the first again connection. the painful loss that connects you. The shared pain of a similar experience that is traumatic and very hard to deal with in the aftermath, these parents who have experienced a similar loss are the connections you needed to seek out. I can name the child and their age at death and or diagnosis and death of every single child of  the beautiful loss moms and dads I have met. Their stories stay with me. I ache for their loss as I do and have my own. That is a connection.


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