Return to ZERO


Return to Zero is now streaming on Netflix in Canada, I  recommend all who understand this topic to watch and feel comforted that their story is in it. But I highly recommend it to those that do not understand the grief that follows a death of a baby.

Written, directed and produced by Sean Hanish

Based on the true story of Sean and Kiley Hanish and their journey through the stillbirth of their first child.

I cried through this entire movie, it is not for the light weather talkers. It is a deeply sad and compelling story that many go through but mostly in silence because of the stigma around miscarriage and stillbirth.

I saw myself in Maggie the main character in how she reacted to people ‘after’ in how she stared blandly, expressionless at the world.

The movie covers all the usual suspects after loss of a child. The ‘everything happens for a reason’ person, the its Gods plan person, the person that compares losing a child to losing their friend last year. All the ones that expect you to move on immediately because the baby was never alive. Although lived in your body for however many months before their death. It has the person that reveals themselves to you as an ally because the same happened to them, there is always a few of those that you never knew about before and you wonder why it takes your loss for them to be able to share, but you also understand why they keep it in.

A miscarriage that happens after six months is called a stillbirth because the mother must traumatically give birth to a baby that is not breathing via C-section or natural labor. Imagine how hard to live through that and others expecting you to simply move on.

A stillbirth also happens when the baby dies during childbirth and comes out ‘still’ or not alive.

A miscarriage is quite common, an early miscarriage may be easier to ‘get over’ than a later miscarriage, but how do you, or can you ‘get over’ multiple miscarriages?

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If you do see the movie please share your thoughts in the comments.




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