There Is No Death.


Walking Away

You were always walking away,

Deep in your mind,

Taking the next bend before I did,

Sometimes we walked side by side,

Talking, laughing,

Later sleeping

Wrapped in one body,

Breathing one life,

Husband and wife in every cell of our being.

You have gone out of sight forever,

Never will I find you waiting

On a forest path,

At a Y-junction under a green canopy,

Or at the top of a mountain,

Smiling from the summit,

I walk alone, feeling your presence

In the wind and the water;

My soul aches to see you

Walking towards me,

Smiling in the light

Of our love.

I wrote ‘Walking Away’ when I was grieving the death of my husband. It shares space with several poems of mine, and others written by my husband Terry Dartnall, in my memoir A Wind from the East.


I had never experienced such…

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