Write for no one

A Friend

A shoulder to cry on

A truth to be told

A heart to empathize

A hand to hold

A laugh to share

A partner in crime

A friend is always there

Hard times

Fast times

Easy times

Slow times

All the times a smile, a note, a call

Big or small proved the love of a friend


By Sheri Hall



To my ears, fills my bones

Makes my limbs want to jump and jiggle

Like a belt tied to my waist forcing it to sway

Music is funny that way

Creating a lyric or chord that strums

Straight to the heart rewarding the magic

Hearing the constant hum

By Sheri Hall



Born from blood; often turns cold

No more love; as stones overturned

Born from love; always to hold

Faults ignored; but encouragement told

Born from ego; tend to get burned

So many lessons go unlearned

Born from hate; never pleasing

Always a distaste of memories leaving

Born from lust; often abandoned

Turned to love for one that is stranded

Born from tradition; no choice in place

Resentment grows as does pride face

Born from choice; the outcome shines

For when done for our self success is born


By Sheri Hall




Up next # 20,21 & 22

Thanks for reading,





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