Letters make a word, words make a poem

Something beginning with T

Truth in Tears

Tough on Thoughts

Too thorough to try to make breakthroughs in time

Tired of Trolls; trolling

Trying to take down the lies

Tiring times of today

Twoonies, trees, tortoises’ things that may go extinct

Terrible truths if properly thought

Tick tock as the time runs away

By Sheri Hall



A glance across a crowded room; love at first sight blooms

It seems a gentle touch; lovely as a smile encouraging the heart

To fall in love

To love the faults we discover past that first look

Sometimes the love does not last

To love the loss because of what it has taught

To lose yourself again to love; bravery comes from within

Wishing for a new look a kind nod simple smile

That can turn to love; true love

But what is love if we do not first love ourselves

By Sheri Hall




Standing tall in the face of blame

Taking heart in others shame

Feeling pain and showing grace

Being confident does not come easy

With practice compassion belief

Confidence grows like a weed


By Sheri Hall



Up next – 17, 18 & 19

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