To Write



Darkness falls blanketing the sky

In nights color

I look up wondering

How do the stars hide in the days’ sun

At nights rise

So bright dancing with the moon

 Like they are the closest friends of the night

Beyond the sun where do they go

The stars fall back with the moon off to bed

As we rise they wait again for

Their night


By Sheri Hall





Wind blows seeds of change

The seeds change to flowers and tree

A sperm with an egg changes to a human

A flower blooms exposing its colors

A bee forms from larvae to pollinating plant making machines

A tree grows taller shading the growing plants below

Some trees grow fruit, some plants grow grain

It feeds the human

That grows and changes


The landscape has changed

The bees disappear

The plants stop growing

The human has no food left

Changes of man to the earth has changed the world forever

Is there still time to change it back?

We need to change our way of thinking



By Sheri Hall


I wish I could


I wish I could fly to the highest mountain

I wish I could swim through the deepest sea

I wish I could learn to love effortlessly

I wish I could dream a forever dream

I wish I could save the biggest of trees

I wish I could free the struggles of thee

I wish to be the best me

I wish for hope for all to see


By Sheri Hall






Up next -14, 15 & 16

Thanks for reading,






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