Writing heals


What is life?

Is it family; love

Is it happiness; success

Is it discovery; growth

To learn, to love, to succeed

All facets of life

But what of suffering

Pain; loss

Tragedy; disease

Poverty; injustices

As all things have two sides

So does life

By Sheri Hall

A Story

One we tell one we share one we write

How we fib how we plight how we fight

Some we must some we don’t some we still might

Take it hard take it seriously takes it light

It is all inside us to get it right

Your story her story his

Mine theirs ours

We all have a story to write


By Sheri Hall



As the barbeque lights, scents fill the air

The crunch of kernels smothered in butter

The sweet taste of summers’ grain on a cob remains a constant fling

The smell of skin that’s been warmed by the sun the warm touch reminds us of

Young summer nights

Spent under the moon frolicking in the warm winds that drift off the oceans breeze

A salty kiss, a burnt touch, a bite of corn

Summers a dream that fulfills the core

Our senses being teased of memories as smells drift our path

A constant reminder of summers past

How we long for summer to last

By Sheri Hall




poem-challengeComing next # 11, 12 & 13

Thanks for reading,




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