Write Write Write Write Write



Blue is often thought of as sad

Feeling blue; singing the blues


There are things that are the color of blue

Perhaps might make you glad

A clear blue sky

A crashing blue ocean

A tranquil blue pond

Dreamy blue eyes that peak into your heart

Juicy blueberries that quench thirst and appetite

The beautiful blue flowers that pop up in spring

That blue sapphire that sparkles on a ring

So much to enjoy from the color blue

This is my dream for you

To enjoy the blue around you even when it’s stuck inside you


 By Sheri Hall


 A Process


The process of life begins at birth

We process the faces that greet us

We process how to nourish ourselves

The process of learning sleep

Process is how we’ve formed life to be

Processing first steps first runs, first falls

We enter the school of process where we learn how to sit

To listen, raise our hand and share

The process of how society functions

The rules that form our process of a successful world

We cannot escape the process of life

Would we want to if we could?

Some would, I would

Before I lose and they begin the process of my burial



 By Sheri Hall


 Inspired By Nature


 The flowers that sway effortlessly but don’t break

The trees that lose their leaves but don’t die

The grass that turns brown but returns in the spring

The ocean that recedes by the power of the moon

The snow that falls blanketing all in its in beauty

The set of the sun before it breaks


 By Sheri Hall



Coming next #8,9 & 10

Thanks for reading,





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