Just Write

After reading Elizabeth Gilberts Big Magic I felt/feel so inspired, enlightened, encouraged! Not even realizing I needed the permission I was given when I read it.

She says simply -write for you. Write to be creative, create because it makes you feel good not because you expect a praise or a check or it to be your income. Just don’t stop creating, don’t stop writing, drawing, sculpting, whatever it is that fills your heart do it. Have an affair with your writing. Make time for it. Make it a priority.

She says, which I could not agree with more, writing is a release, after completing something you love you almost feel like you got away from yourself, you took a break from your self and your thoughts because when you are simply  writing, creating and letting it overcome you, you can escape. I feel that. Thank you Liz Gilbert.

That is the tip of the iceberg of revelations in this wonderful book encourage us to do what we love with no need for approval or appraisal or monetary gain. You need to read it for yourself to truly encapsulate yourself in its knowledge.

So with that. I start a new challenge to myself. Lately I have been enjoying writing poems.  I saw this daily poem challenge on a fellow writer/bloggers page, Thanks Ameena.K


and thought -Yes! that’s what I want to do. So here it is- I am not focusing on the dates but simply completing each topic one by one on a daily basis.



We long, we love, we grow
As we discover; we yearn to know
First smile, first touch
First kiss, first lust
First hope, first dream
First lessons learned in between
First hurt, first loss
First pain,
All at once life’s changed
First growth
We slowly see the reason of being



By Sheri Hall

Thanks for reading,




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