The Forever Dream

The Forever Dream

By Sheri Hall
Walking on a rainbow; she smiles
Floating on a cloud; she laughs
Whistling of the wind; are you ok? She asks
When my nose is cold; I think of you
Her eyes as dark as the moon is bright
Look into my heart; soothing the chills
Her stare holds me in an embrace
My eyes puddle; at a chance to see her face
As the sun comes
I reach out my hand; but she is gone again
Thank you for reading

3 thoughts on “The Forever Dream

  1. So beautiful, Sheri💗
    One of my fellow triplet mamas & her family just lost their sweet baby boy Hayes (20 mos) on Dec. 3rd.
    They generously shared their journey with the world & allowed their big & small miracles to touch as many hearts as they could possibly reach. Hayes’ service was yesterday & a family friend did a Facebook Live video so those of us who weren’t able to attend in person could still “be there.”
    I’ll share your poem with his mom, Savanna. Thank you for sharing.
    (Their public FB page is “HayesTough – TateTough” if you’re
    interested xoxoxo)

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