Child Behavior: When nothing else works, consider these 7 strategies:

I am reblogging this for myself. It is not directly related to grief on the obvious scale, however, on a daily basis I feel the anxious, scary feeling arrise; they are growing up. They will soon go their own path, take their own journey. I grieve the thought of not having them in arms reach to grasp, to squeeze, to smother with the love that I feel so deeply for these beings that were made in my womb, I grieve their abscence because it is forthcoming. I want the remaining years they are in my home to be a reminder of my love and devotion to them. So I share this article for myself to look back on and for others needing a reminder on how we can be present with our living children.
Thanks for reading.

Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW

Parents are saying discipline, consequences, time out and stickers don’t work. Parents are presenting as more and more defeated when it comes to managing the behavior of their children. They have a long list of tried that – didn’t work scenarios including many of the more popular parenting programs. What’s up with that? Why does it seem near impossible to get kids to listen? What can parents do differently?

To know what to do differently, we first need to appreciate what’s at play creating challenges out of children’s behavior and undermining parental authority. This brief history of the world is needed – or at least a brief history of the past 70 years. It goes like this:

  • 1950’s: Intact two parent families with a primary breadwinner and a primary homemaker;
  • 1960’s: Women’s Movement begins and gender equality begins to be examined publicly;
  • 1970’s: No-fault divorce appears in many jurisdictions, divorce…

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