Why I am NOT ok with Home Births.

In 1914 the average women was pregnant 12 times in her life. In 1914 the average family had 7 children. In 1914 the average women lost 4 babies to miscarriage or during birth. In 1914 there was a 49% chance your baby would not make it to their 1rst birthday.

In 2015 we have access to doctors, nurses and hospitals with equipment and medications that save us and our babies.

These statistics from 1914 are mostly unknown mostly because people have no regard for history, truth, facts. We learn from the internet now! When someone wants a home birth they are praised, as if- wow good for you for having a baby with a shower curtain and some scissors? No, I’m sorry; I see it as strictly a selfish decision to have a home birth. Women did it for thousands of years they’ll tell you. Yes, that’s true and most of them lost multiple babies. Why am I bringing this up? Well I was awoken at 6am today to sirens racing down my street, they stopped at my neighbor’s house. She was having her 2nd home birth. I should tell you that her 1rst homebirth also went badly and after 16 hours of labour her baby was in so much distress at not coming out that she was rushed to the hospital. You’d think that would make her realize being in a hospital is a safer place to have a baby, no no she decided to ‘try it again’  like it’s a game, her attempt to have her 2nd at home once again went wrong, she has been rushed to the hospital.

I was at a dinner party recently and was told by another guest- a pregnant guest that they were having a home birth; these people say it with such an arrogance that I just shake my head, it’s like people who brag that they only eat organic anyways here is the kicker, she lost her 1rst baby! DURING A HOME BIRTH! I said why? Why not just go to a hospital? ‘Oh women have been having babies at home for 100s of years its way healthier and natural’. She went on to tell me how ‘awesome’ her doula was. Ok, but a woman that took a 13 month course in hand holding can’t save your baby if something were to happen. I walked away rolling my eyes.

My friend that is a delivery nurse has told me multiple stories of labors gone bad with devastating consequence, these labors in the majority were women that had been rushed in from home births usually too late and they had to try in vain to save the babies and sometimes mothers and sometimes they could, a lot of the time they couldn’t, these stories upset me. Because simply put if these women had their babies in a hospital they would have lived.

That being said that does not mean cord accidents do not happen in a hospital, my first born had the cord wrapped around his neck when he came out, the very experienced doctor at Vancouver Women’s Hospital screamed at me to stop pushing, to not move as she quite professionally I was told yanked the cord back around his neck and essentially saved him from suffocating himself. Had that happened at home would a doula or midwife have the experience to know what to do?

Everyone is entitled to do what they wish with their lives but all I ask the next time you consider a home birth or praise someone for one, think about the life that is not yours the one trying to be born. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

I don’t need to get into the terrible reminder of having ambulances and fire trucks outside my house again,  having seen a women carry her newborn into the ambulance just as I carried Lily very similarly into on the night she turned blue.

Stillbirth is one of the most common complications, he said. Stillborn babies are not breathing at birth, but with immediate care many of them could be saved.

“Women who are thinking about having home birth should know that if they deliver in the hospital with a midwife, it reduces infant death by 75 percent — and by 85 percent if the woman is having her first baby,” Grunebaum said. “These are babies who could be saved if they were delivered in a hospital.”



One thought on “Why I am NOT ok with Home Births.

  1. I completely agree, when I was pregnant one of the mothers in ‘Mother’s Group’, brought up the subject of ‘Home Births’, me being the person that I am disagreed with her statement that ‘Home Births are best’, I was looked down upon because I would never have a home birth and the other mothers tried to pour their arrogance and inferior opinion down my throat, lets just say I never went back to that ‘Mothers Group’. And now that I have no living children I don’t need too. One woman from that particular group even mentioned that having a ‘natural at home birth’ could have prevented my full term stillbirth. Even though a c-section was performed in 14 minutes and my son was still stillborn. These women annoy me with their “I am a mother so I am right” attitude.
    Be kind to yourself,
    Dneika X

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