Rick Hansen’s daughter writes moving blog post about stillborn son

The stigma that follows stillbirth or neo-natal death is incredibly ignorant. It forces grieving mothers and fathers to feel they have to hide the truth. The simple fact that people still don’t tell people they are pregnant until 2nd trimester and doctors even tell you not to tell people in case you have a miscarriage is terrible advice at best. It should not be taboo to talk about stillbirth or miscarriage or infant death simply because it may make some people uncomfortable. I applaud people who have the courage to speak openly about the realities or suffering we all at times face.

Global News

VANCOUVER – Rick Hansen’s daughter Emma and her husband Aaron are receiving messages of support and love from people online after Emma wrote a blog post about their son being “born still.”

Hansen, a Canadian Paralympian who is best known for his Man in Motion World Tour, shared the post on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

“Sending all my love to my daughter Emma and her husband Aaron, who have shown incredible strength and grace during this heartbreaking loss,” said Hansen in the post. “Our family is so grateful and touched for all your support. Little baby Reid will be loved and remembered forever.”

Emma and Aaron were due to welcome their baby into the world on April 4, but he died one day before his due date.

“This is not the story I had been drafting in my mind over the weeks leading up to our due date,” Emma writes at…

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