“Blood- its in you to give”

Mothers day 2012- My 1rst Mothers day after having and then losing my daughter Lily. I decided I would donate blood on Mothers day. For me, for her, for others waiting for transfusions, for parents that have to sign that consent form asking permission to give their child blood if needed.
After I got their I filled out a bunch of forms since it was my 1rst time and I got to the last page…
-Have you given birth in the last 6 months or are you pregnant…….
I tried not to cry, because of course my answer was yes, I gave birth 5 months prior, to Lily and I lost her 3 months prior. It was why I was there! To donate blood and I wasn’t going to be able to, because I had given birth within the last 6 months- well wasn’t that irony at its best. So I left and I sat in my car and cried. I had gone from feeling like I was doing a good thing because after loosing my daughter I wanted to help others only to being reminded that I had a child and lost it and on mothers day and I couldn’t even donate!

Last night I got a call on my cell phone- I never answer my cell phone- anyway I did and it was the Canadian blood services- they were having a blood clinic in my neighborhood on Mothers day- would I like to make an appointment….
I said yes of course and the women on the other line was so surprised that I would come down on my mothers day to donate blood, she said wow- your only the second mom to say yes and that also said it would be a gift…. I wondered if that other mom had the same reason as I. so this mothers day 2014- 2 years later I will go to donate my blood. I hope others will too.
To find a blood donor clinic near you go to:

Happy Mothers Day to all.


One thought on ““Blood- its in you to give”

  1. What a generous and loving gift to give! Sheri, you are amazing – I love you so much sweetheart! Enjoy Mothers Day , and every day after! Love Mom

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