Dear Angel Mother

Dear Angel Mother

I know you are sad

I know you feel lost

Sometimes you hate the world

You have all this guilt inside

It was not your fault

Some nights you wake in terrifying shock

You scream and cry

 at times in silence

all day long

in your head in your heart in your body

You wish there had been more time

You wish the outcome you could fix

It was not your fault

Those dreaded conversations you desperately try to avoid

Followed by the confrontations for those who want to avoid

Confusion, frustration, anger, loss, sorrow,


You want to yell at the world


Say their name.


Ask me a question.

You miss them so. Your body hurts. Your mind throbs.

It was not your fault.

You may cry

You may grieve

No one will understand

 That is ok

because these are your private

precious memories

They don’t deserve to understand

It is too special in your land of  sorrow

Thanks for reading




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