Two different worlds;Granfather born in 1926 holding great grandaughter born in 2013

Two different worlds;Granfather born in 1926 holding great grandaughter born in 2013

I brought Hope to visit my almost eighty seven year old Nonno -Grandfather- There is something about watching someone very old with someone very young and new to the world.

To imagine what one has seen in their lifetime- two world wars, hiding in the mountains as a young adult so as to not be drafted and have to fight for a fascist, visiting the Vatican on his wedding night then spending all his money on a meal so they had none to get home, emigrating to Canada from a very poor farm country, travelling by boat then train to Vancouver speaking no English.
To imagine what one has yet to see in their lifetime- the changes that will become of the world, what their future holds.
It is a scary thought to realize that even though they have met briefly in time their worlds are and will be generations apart never really in the same space or life as one another. One being born in 1926 experiencing famine, war and the depression.
The other being born in 2013 never being able to know what will happen over the next 100 years. But if you think of all that has happened in the 100 years that spanned their births it is an amazing wonder.
My Nonno lost his wife of fifty-eight years last year, the same year my daughter (my third child died) they died within four months of one another, two months later on my Nonna’s birthday- Aug 6 2012-she would have been eighty five- I found out I was expecting again.

Now a year later I have my fourth child my second daughter.

As I hold her to my Nonno’s face she pulls at his cheeks, tugs on his hair, reaches her arms out as if to want to hold him, he looks deeply into her eyes, as thought he is lost somewhere inside. He smiles, kisses her cheeks over and over, I see this special moment captured in time, I see an immediate bond between this baby and her great grandfather it is remarkable to witness, I wish I had a video camera to capture it forever. I have it in my memory and I do have this photo to prove they once met, these relatives from two different worlds.

I believe that the very old and very new see things we cannot, things that our minds have stopped us from believing in. This day these two souls looked deeply into each other and I was lucky enough to witness.


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