My Beautiful Husband, My Rock.

My husband, the father of my children, is Steve. He and I have been together since 2001, we married in 2007 together we have moved six times all over British Columbia and have supported each other through rough times.

When we had our sons I got to see a whole other beautiful side to the man I was lucky enough to meet at the bar one night. Steve was always supportive with the boys, he lets them climb all over him even when he is exhausted,  he lets me vent and scream, then tells me it will be okay as long as we have each other. Steve is an amazing man, husband but most importantly –DAD.  Not only does he work twelve hour days so I can stay home with the kids, he has coached our sons Ball Hockey team and Soccer team. He goofs and laughs every day, the boys always want to know when dads going to be home?!

Most recently he has stepped up to the plate.  When our third child, our baby girl-Lily, passed away Feb 18 2012; Steve had fallen head over heels for her. I had to be at the hospital every day. Back and forth from Langley to BC Children’s was hard on us all. Steve made the boys dinners, reassuring them. He cleaned, he still worked, and he found time in between to visit Lily every day, holding her endlessly. When she came home for fifteen days every one of them he rushed home from work early to hold her, he wouldn’t put her down.

He told me later, after she died, that after I gave birth to her and she was not breathing they asked him to talk to her while they attempted to resuscitate her, he did and she breathed. I believe my daughter was meant to die in childbirth- it would explain all the random complications -none of which actually contributed to her death which was inevitable.

I do not know what he saw when she came out “flat, “blue” and not breathing, I don’t know if I could have handled seeing that.

He knew she might die and he may never speak to his daughter so he did and we in return received fifty two amazing days with her before she died. He has shown me what a great Dad can be. He deserves recognition that I do not know how to give him.


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